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            Dance in the Greater Community: Improving Health and Well-Being through Open
            Seniors’ Dance

            Liza Hartling-University of Calgary student, Dance
            Camille Mori-University of Calgary student, Psychology

            This presentation will describe a pilot program in Calgary that strives to make physical
            exercise and social interaction available to residents who would not normally have access
            to such a program. The introduction of dance classes for seniors in the University Heights
            neigbourhood has yielded overwhelmingly positive results including a new sense of
            inclusion and community as well as physical benefits in the areas of motor coordination,
            circulation, flexibility and increased mobility. Plan to attend and learn what it takes to
            successfully introduce a similar program in your community or organization.

            Promoting Seniors’ Health and Wellness at the Community Level

            Sarah Wildgen, BPHE, MPH-Communities ChooseWell Program Officer
            Stacie Pedersen, BPE-Health Promotion Facilitator, Central Zone Public Health and Children’s Rehabilitation
            Services; Michele Geistlinger-Chairman Longview ARC Society, Longview ChooseWell Coordinator

            Across the province, Communities ChooseWell is assisting communities in the promotion
            of healthy living. Without any fees, rural and urban community champions can register
            with Communities ChooseWell and gain access to resources, grant opportunities and
            networking experiences that build the capacity of the community and champion alike.

            This presentation will feature ChooseWell staff along with two high-achieving champions
            from small rural communities who will share their stories, lessons learned, and provide
            creative ideas to enhance senior wellness at the community level. Participants will gain
            awareness about the need for effective partnering, responsiveness to needs, and active
            senior participation in the planning and implementation of initiatives. Be sure to take this
            opportunity to learn more about the strides being made in seniors’ health and wellness
            and what is possible in small, rural communities.

            Carya-Engaged Seniors, Innovative Collaborations

            Alison Jozsa, BSW, MSW, RSW-Practice Supervisor NW Team, Carya
            Sidney Craig Courtice, MCEd-Elder Friendly Communities, Carya
            Louise Griep-Network Facilitator, The Way In Network

            In Calgary, Carya has worked hard to collaborate with a variety of organizations and
            agencies to develop collaborative and innovative programs that support older adults. This
            presentation will highlight the work being done by the Elder Brokers Initiative to connect
            seniors from ethno-cultural communities with mainstream services and the efforts of
            seniors who share their gifts and talents toward making positive changes through the
            Elder Friendly Communities program.

            Presenters will also share details of 403-SENIORS, a recently launched City Wide Intake
            System and insights into a new on-line training resource designed to increase awareness
            of elder abuse. Finally, they will share learnings from the Calgary floods of 2013 and a
            step-by-step approach to engaging older adults in emergency preparedness and
            processing the trauma of a disaster.
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