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            Let’s Talk About the Money: Intergenerational Wealth Transfer, Financial Planning, and
            Third Party Decision Making

            Karen McMillan, CFP, CPCA-Investment Advisor, Credential Securities Inc.
            Jason Blanke, FSRI-Mutual Funds Investment Specialist, Credential Asset Management Inc.
            David Elzinga, CPA, CA.IFA, CFF, CFE, CFI-Manager Investigations, Alberta Securities Commission
            Chad Ganske, BA-Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee, Alberta Human Services

            This panel session will be about all things money related. First, panel experts discuss
            intergenerational wealth transfer; the available options, their limitations and potential tax
            implications, and the tools to manage intergenerational wealth transfer including joint
            accounts, wills, trusts, insurance and beneficiary designations. Next up, learn about ‘The
            New Retirement’ and how a successful retirement comes from creating meaningful
            lifestyle goals and implementing the strategies to achieve them. This includes
            empowering seniors to manage their available resources in securing a dependable income
            stream while planning to protect lifestyle, help family, or create a legacy. Lastly,
            participants will learn how to help seniors identify and prevent online fraud, debit and
            credit card fraud, and elder abuse in regards to banking.

10:25 a.m.  Displays and refreshments
10:50 a.m.

            Development, Dissemination, and Evaluation of a Toolkit for the Implementation of
            Age-Friendly Alternate Transportation of Seniors in Rural and Urban Alberta

            Bonnie Dobbs, PhD, Director-Medically At-Risk Driver Centre (MARD), University of Alberta
            Tara Pidborochynski, MSc, Research Coordinator-MARD, University of Alberta
            Mayank Rehani, MSc, Research Coordinator-MARD, University of Alberta

            While viewed by many as desired and important, access to alternate forms of
            transportation for seniors (ATS) is often non-existent. When available, services such as
            community-based vans, volunteer driver programs, and for-profit providers may not be
            adequately designed to meet the unique mobility needs of seniors. There are a number
            of challenges to implementing ATS service in urban and rural communities. The absence
            of ‘easily accessible’ and targeted information on implementing ATS is one of the

            This presentation will describe (1) the development of a toolkit for implementing ATS in
            Alberta, (2) the partnerships needed to disseminate information and host workshops on
            the resource and (3) the steps being taken to evaluate the uptake and utility of the toolkit
            by municipalities, communities, and/or organizations in rural and urban Alberta.
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