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7:00 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

8:30 a.m.  Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 a.m.

           Community Caregiver Support Initiatives: Collaborations that Work

           Laurie Sutherland-AB Health Project Coordinator, Alberta Caregivers Association
           Ann Goldblatt, MHSc, BA/BSW-Goldblatt Consulting

           Caregiving is a growing and complex issue that impacts individuals, families, communities
           and professionals. To better serve caregivers and link them to appropriate resources, the
           Alberta Caregivers Association embarked on its Caregiver Support Project with a mandate
           to collaborate with communities across Alberta. This project aims to develop supportive
           environments for caregivers, strengthen networks of professionals, service providers and
           agency staff who come into contact with family caregivers and have a shared interest in
           working together to enhance understanding of, and supports for, caregivers. Participants
           who attend this session will learn about the challenges and successes of the project and
           get advice on building networks including the ‘getting to know you phase’ and the
           important questions to ask community leaders.

           An Odyssey for Best Practice Senior Centres

           Luanne Whitmarsh RSW, CPCA-CEO, Kerby Centre

           Have you ever thought about what it takes to attract seniors to the seniors centre in your
           community? Join Ms. Whitmarsh, CEO of Kerby Centre in Calgary, as she shares learnings
           from a year-long Odyssey through the US and Canada to gather information about best
           practices for senior centres. The presentation will highlight the collaboration with the
           South African government and their interesting challenges as they search for resources for
           their aging population. Learn about successes and challenges, programing, human
           resources, facility size and plans for the future that will be useful to any organization
           considering expansion or relocation. Be sure to take this opportunity to benefit from
           Kerby Centre’s Odyssey without ever leaving Alberta!

           Concerns Resolution: Shades of Grey (Advocates Office)

           Deborah Prowse, LLB, MSW-Interim Seniors Advocate
           Jody Lee Farrah, Alberta Health Advocate

           Did you know that Alberta is one of only two provinces in Canada with a Seniors
           Advocate? Attend this session to learn more about the Office of the Alberta Health
           Advocates, including the Mental Health Patient Advocate, the Health Advocate and the
           Seniors’ Advocate, introduced in 2014. You will learn about Alberta’s Advocates, what
           they do and what they are hearing. You will gain insight into how Albertans can raise their
           concerns in a respectful and effective way to be able to change their health care
           experiences. Presenters will also share their perspectives on how the Health Charter has
           a role in making sure our system is responsive and of high quality.
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